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Is Your Career on Life Support?

Whether it’s a matter of boredom or limitations in your organization, you have mentally checked out. The job may no longer engage you or the landscape has changed in other ways. Perhaps there is a new manager and the workflow has shifted. Other colleagues may have left for better opportunities or been promoted while you continue doing more of the same work you’ve always done yet with tighter deadlines. You no longer look forward to Mondays and you believe the compensation is below the industry standard.

Remember; do not turn a bad moment into a bad day, a bad week or more. You have the power to choose and there are always 3 options before you: • Change it • Accept it • Leave If you choose to change it, you need to create a game plan to include achievable goals.

1. Get paid more for the work you do. Check on-line resources like before approaching your boss for a raise. When you research and strategize beforehand you are in a much better position to negotiate an increase.

2. A promotion. Again, research the industry standard for the job you have and the job you want. Have you been doing the work but without the title? If so, you need to produce data to support that your job title and responsibilities are out of alignment and it’s time to negotiate both the salary and title.

3. Self-improvement. You’ve become lackadaisical, stuck and just getting by. It’s time to pump up your resume. Choose one skill to improve. With even a minimum of 15-minutes of daily focused attention, you can brush up on skills like writing and social media. Also, check out other industry game changers that will enhance your professional profile.

4. Work less. Has your workload morphed in to enough for 2+ people without a peep from you? Then it’s time to revisit your job description and how you and your boss can work together to determine a better way for the workflow to be managed. From temporary assistance to a full overhaul of your responsibilities, you need to negotiate for relief.

The workplace has also become a much bigger influence in our lives, from professional identity to social relationships, the lines are blurred making it that much more difficult to create strong boundaries. Yet, having that other life with other people does help to underscore the need for work/life balance and the importance of nurturing outside interests and relationships.


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