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It’s Tee Time

The spring season began with a strong desire to improve my golf game. I’ve worked with a fantastic pro in the past and it made sense to begin again, actually before the course was open. Technology is a marvelous tool as part of an instructional package and it’s easy to develop a love/hate relationship with the camera. Viewing my swing in disbelief at times was a humbling experience, yet invaluable, especially when trying to incorporate change. The golf swing isn’t an intuitive motion and the nuanced pieces of it can be especially frustrating. Just when you think you have one part handled, another element falls apart. Yet, in those fleeting moments when it all comes together, I am pulled back for more rounds and more instruction. It can be addictive…in a good way.

Practice your golf game! What does that really mean? How many hours for playing? How many hours at the driving range? How many lessons? Join a club or a league? Buy new equipment?

When I drilled down to identify what the drivers were for me, I discovered the following possible benefits: • Better enjoyment of the game • More opportunities to play with others in business or social settings • Combine with travel • Possibly compete • Faster pace • Moderate exercise benefit • Refining my laser focus on the present • Dedicating real time to improving a skill that has the potential to adding another dimension to my life

Improvement is only one aspect of the game and another is maintaining any new skill-set. It calls for vigilance and discipline; characteristics that sometimes slip away. However, the good news is that I’ve lowered my handicap and become a better golfer this season. While it’s not a panacea, the steps I’ve taken to improve help in other aspects of life. By ascertaining my goals, enumerating the possible benefits and with a big picture to visualize, staying on track was easier.

• What’s one skill that you would like to improve? • What steps do you need to take? • When will you begin?


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