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It’s Tee Time

Practice your golf game! What does that really mean? How many hours for playing? How many hours at the driving range? How many lessons? Join a club or a league? Buy new equipment?

When I drilled down to identify what the drivers were for me, I discovered the following possible benefits: • Better enjoyment of the game • More opportunities to play with others in business or social settings • Combine with travel • Possibly compete • Faster pace • Moderate exercise benefit • Refining my laser focus on the present • Dedicating real time to improving a skill that has the potential to adding another dimension to my life

Improvement is only one aspect of the game and another is maintaining any new skill-set. It calls for vigilance and discipline; characteristics that sometimes slip away. However, the good news is that I’ve lowered my handicap and become a better golfer this season. While it’s not a panacea, the steps I’ve taken to improve help in other aspects of life. By ascertaining my goals, enumerating the possible benefits and with a big picture to visualize, staying on track was easier.

• What’s one skill that you would like to improve? • What steps do you need to take? • When will you begin?


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