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Are You Ready for a Career Change?

For individuals in or approaching change, KICKSTART Your Transition is the boutique career consulting firm that delivers results for clients strategically, innovatively, and successfully.


Pursuing a career path faster? The job search process is serious business and exhilarating at the same time. Our client-centered approach assesses individual needs to design, guide, and support your goals. Whether rethinking a career path, managing a buy-out, layoff, divorce, business sale, retirement, empty nest, boredom/stagnation, or another career transition, we can help. Self-discovery empowers when you have a purpose, plan, and a pitch. Together, we develop, execute, and launch your blueprint for action.

Recent Graduate

Ready to launch?  Your career is waiting.  Step out, prepared with a plan for employment. 

Stuck in 1st Gear

Rebooting your career?  Returning to the workplace?  Rewrite your next chapter now.​

Emerging Professional

Honing your skills?  New challenges are exciting.  Identify the next steps to up-your-game.

Knocking on the C-Suite Door

What's missing?  Upgrade your brand and refine your skills.  The keys are waiting for you..

Next Chapter

Seeing more or less?  Every day is Sunday.  Embrace change with a renewed purpose and plan.

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Kickstart Services - A Boutique Career Consulting Firm

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See what our clients are saying about Kickstart

“Transitions are challenging and test our inner strength. Working with Maureen and Anne helped me to take a deep breath and when I finally exhaled, I realized that I needed to focus on something that made me happy…work empowering other women.”

LR - Ypsilanti, Michigan

“My work with KICKSTART has had an immediate impact with positive, concrete results. I’ve experienced a complete about face, generating more recognition and interest in my work than I had accomplished in many years on my own. They are an invaluable resource and very client focused.”

P.R. – Boston, MA

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We love our clients and strive to deliver the highest quality services to meet your career goals.

As a team, we focus on advanced practices to support that objective.

Leveraging a combined 25+ years of career coaching and consulting expertise along with our own transition experiences, we drive client results to maximize our value to you.

Anne & Maureen


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