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22 Action Words to Embrace

Why is some writing more compelling? Why do some resumes seem flat and read like a shopping list? Is it a lack of imagination or an antiquated notion of assuming the purpose of a resume/CV is for reporting purposes only? Yes, in the job search, unless you are in a creative field, your written communications need to convey information that pertains to a specific position. However, as a simple differentiator, it’s also important to showcase your skill-set and help this unknown audience think of you as someone who gets things done and brings more to the table. It isn’t necessary to posture from the script of a cartoonish action figure, yet a simple substitution of words may be a good start in making your writing more interesting. Below are 22 of my favorites to punch up your “prose”.

1. Prepare 2. Identify 3. Create 4. Perform 5. Organize 6. Change 7. Focus 8. Master 9. Determine 10. Demonstrate 11. Design 12. Increase 13. Define 14. Interface 15. Structure 16. Apply 17. Examine 18. Pinpoint 19. Select 20. Conduct 21. Build 22. Explore


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