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Celebrate Your Comfort Zones

Within the world of coaching and its emphasis on change, transformation and the accompanying action, the term “comfort zone” is often looked upon as a weakness to be managed. The implication is that these are areas of stagnation, places to hide where we cannot grow and strive to be a better and improved version of ourselves. Comfort zones are resting places only and not to be confused with a permanent residence. Picture the scenic overlook as a brief spot to visit but not one where you chose to linger endlessly or risk not seeing the sites ahead. While there is validity to the importance of growth and movement, there is also something to be said for those places that are well known to us and serve as opportunities to catch one’s breath before taking on the next challenge.

Far from the ennui accompanying paralysis end of the spectrum live the other extremes; change that is beyond our control or change simply for the sake of change. Living with the unknown can create severe anxiety and stress. If you have ever had major home renovations, you may have memories of endless delays and unexpected drama. Human beings need constancy although not the kind that keeps us interminably stuck or on a treadmill to a hellish sameness because we are so fearful of the unknown. These touchstones are important for self-regulation and can support us with a stronger platform for transformative change.

Moving from the cerebral to the very real places and spaces we inhabit, consider the day-to-day demands which we become accustomed to handling but can easily affect our overall well-being if we are not vigilant. From this perspective, comfort zones can take on another highly positive meaning. Ensuring that there is a place to relax, a soft place to recuperate at the end of the day can support both the physical and emotional space to decompress. In taking care of yourself by providing a comfort zone that is tangible, you also give yourself a greater opportunity to recharge, reassess and even re-examine those emotional comfort zones that may be holding you back.

Close your eyes and imagine your landing pad?

· Assess your living space for privacy

· Try out different rooms, basement, garage or outdoor patio

· What can you easily modify to suit your needs?

· Relax!

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