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Instead of a resolution, each year commit to a New Year’s Kickstart!

Here’s the idea: You start your year off with a big success by completing a relatively quick turnaround project that you’ve been putting off. It could be a website, blog, newsletter, new mini-business, or a presentation, podcast or webinar you’ve been wanting to complete.

It’s Your Spark Plug: Whatever your project, your New Year’s Kickstart should be the spark that ignites your bigger picture strategy for the year.

Difficulty = Hard: For your project, it’s best to choose something that will push you. Get out of your comfort zone! But avoid a challenge that’s too grandiose. You don’t want your Kickstart to end in a New Year’s Frustration.

Done = 2-Weeks: It should be something you can knock out quickly. One of the reasons New Year’s Resolutions fail is that the commitment, like losing weight, takes too long to yield results. We live in an instant-gratification world now, so rapid outcomes are expected.

At the 2-week mark: It’s enough time to get most projects finished. It’s short enough to maintain focus. And it means you begin your year with an achievement to fuel you.

  1. Write it down

  2. Color code 2-weeks in your Kickstart calendar

  3. Begin!

However comfortable you assumed you were with choice and change, it may morph into overwhelming anxiety that was never anticipated. This makes it the ideal time to engage the support of a career coach with experience in helping professionals achieve better, faster, results. At KICKSTART Your Transition we offer a broad range of services to fit your needs.


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