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Appearances DO Say A Lot

In business, the opinions of others matter. Business etiquette experts suggest you consider the following:

• Do my clothes conform to the company policy or do they push the limits? Too short, tight, low-cut or too loud? • Are my clothes in good repair? Free of stains, odors, rips? • Do I dress appropriately for the situation? Is the meeting at Starbucks or a private equity firm? • Am I prepared for an emergency? Keep an extra outfit in the office, just in case.

Body language is an important part of overall appearance:

• Eye contact– do you look people in the eye. Focus on the area between the eyebrows rather than a stare down. • Posture- Standing or sitting in an erect manner, conveys a confident image…no slouching • Gestures– Lean slightly forward to demonstrate engagement and receptivity • Nervous habits– foot tapping, fidgeting or other unnecessary movements give off a sense of uncertainty.

Advance preparation can make all the difference and you never know who you will be meeting in the course of your day.

©2015 Maureen Weisner

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