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Approaching Your 2021 Job Search

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Change is challenging. Yes, there are the very few who relish new and different regularly, but for most of us, change requires adjustment and accommodation. Even if you’ve orchestrated it, there’s still a measure of grieving in the process of leaving something to embark on change. It may be more short lived because you are the enactor, however, growth will cause discomfort and it will also pass.

“If you’re searching for that one person who will change your life, look in the mirror.” – Robert Brault

Most industries have been impacted by COVID. Many businesses have closed with no expectation to reopen. Travel and hospitality will rise again with pent up demand powering the response. According to Business Insiders list of top growth, high-paying jobs of the future, there are 3 broad areas to focus on.

I. Medical Field

  1. Registered Nurse

  2. Physician

  3. Nurse Practitioner

  4. Physician Assistant

  5. Physical Therapist

  6. Medical & Health Services Manager

II. Technology Field

  1. Software Developer & Tester

  2. Computer Information/System Manager

  3. Information & Cyber Security Analyst

  4. IT Support Analyst

  5. E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager

  6. User Experience (UX) Designer

III. Business Field

  1. Market Research Analyst

  2. Marketing Manager

  3. Project Manager

  4. Accountant

  5. Financial Analyst/Manager

  6. Human Resources Specialist/Manager

Correctly anticipating where growth will happen is always subject to change. Who could have foreseen the impact and ensuing fallout from COVID-19? How does your skill-set and/or interests match up with these 3 fields and the titles below? The US government website, is an excellent resource. You can research an area of interest, learn about salaries, expected growth, and education/licensing requirements. Be curious, try a job title on for “size” to see how it feels as a possible fit.

  1. Do you know any —–?

  2. Who else might know someone to speak with?

  3. Check for LinkedIn contacts

  4. Contact schools for training information if necessary

  5. Can you begin on-line with a free or non-credit course?

You may find out quickly that a day in the life of a surgical nurse is unappealing but an ER position offers more opportunity and is a better match for your natural pace.

When you focus on potential opportunities for a career path that is forward looking, you will be better prepared for economic and personal growth. However comfortable you assumed you were with change, it may morph into overwhelming anxiety that was never anticipated. This makes it the ideal time to engage the support of a career coach with experience in helping professionals achieve better, faster, results. At KICKSTART Your Transition we offer a broad range of services to fit your needs.


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