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Beware of the Dream Killers

Still in various phases of recovering from the impact of the COVID world, everyone has made adjustments. Your home and/or garden may be in the best condition in years and your bread baking skills perfected. Closets cleared, donations set aside and if you have a pet, weary of being out exercising to keep you company. Time flows differently and once beyond the initial frenzy of how to fill it, you’ve probably settled into another operating level. Have you filled these unexpected chunks of time with worry or creativity? Has a dream bubble popped up intermittently or as a consistent tap on the shoulder as a reminder out that this is your time to get serious?

Moving closer to fulfilling your vision is a challenging task on its own. And it can become that much harder if you fall victim to the dream killers. Even people in your immediate orbit may potentially reduce your energy and enthusiasm. But people aren’t the only dream killers like the fear of failure or simply exhaustion from other demands.

  1. Stop thinking stupid thoughts

  2. Stop doing stupid things

  3. Stop working on meaningless projects

The three biggest dream killers; overwhelm, isolation and frustration, are most often experienced when you operate without a plan. You may have the best idea and the clearest vision, yet without support along the way, it’s an enormous challenge to achieve that dream.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Isolation may be a significant issue at present. Physical separation from your typical environment can add to the frustration. Resources formally at your finger-tips may be unavailable for some time. Are they otherwise accessible? Even in a Pandemic, people who are not traveling for business are more available for a quick call or video conference. How do you wrap your head around working on steps to achieve your dream from a different vantage point and commit to an altered process?

On the other hand, too much company may feel suffocating. Family and close friends can also prove to be among the biggest dream killers. We assume they will naturally be advocates; not necessarily. If your expressed path affects finances, it must be discussed. If your quest involves travel, there’s a broader impact. If your concept means change for ANYONE, initial responses may be less than supportive. Be prepared not to counter but to state your plan clearly. When you ask for feedback, listen, evaluate and know that opinion is just that and not the truth chiseled in stone.

Make a map of everything that is important for you to work on right now. A strong visual is a reminder of where you are headed. It reinforces your dream and makes the goal more tangible when you can see both the path and the objective.

Notice what you do every day. Do your activities support your dream? Begin with a phone call or e-mail. The ideal time to implement change is when your environment shifts and the ensuing “rules” become an old story. You now have the opportunity to brainstorm with a broader on-line audience, seek out support in ways you might not have previously considered and think broadly.

  1. Reach out to a trusted friend, colleague or mentor

  2. Expand you networks

  3. Ask for feedback

Whenever you focus on your dream, there is always one thing, that if you do it, it can change your life or business forever. Where’s your timeline for accomplishing that one thing?

  1. Make the phone call

  2. Explore a resource

  3. Volunteer/offer your services strategically

Remember, your environment is a perfect reflection of YOU. This doesn’t mean pricey space or a team of consultants. For some, a cluttered or a messy desk is inspiring and underscores activity and ideas in action. For others, a more serene, less stimulating space is ideal for creativity. You choose!

If we are a combination of the five people with whom we spend the most time, who are those people? Are they positive, realistic, and smart? Do they share your vision and values? Can they be critical and objective too? Are these people a reflection of your past or your present? Is it time to refresh your list or lock it in?

Do an overall scan. What are you reading? What TV programs do you watch? Strive for harmony not dissonance which will give you a more congruent or matched life, internally and externally.

Failing to make necessary adjustments, you will feel frustrated, like you are always climbing uphill, inches short of realizing your dream.  So, do the personal and professional inventory, make the changes and keep your eye on the prize to drive your success.

Changing behaviors means identifying what’s not working and shift or replace with a new behavior. Whether it’s scripting new negotiating models or better managing your time, we can advise and guide your progress. This makes it the ideal time to engage the support of a career coach with experience in helping professionals achieve better, faster, results. At KICKSTART Your Transition we offer a broad range of services to fit your needs


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