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Control is an Illusion

“You cannot control the wind, but you can adjust your sails!”

I’m not a sailor. I’m not familiar with nautical lingo and barely missed being knocked overboard by the boom coming through. (Who knew that, “lower the boom” was not just an expression?) I can, however, appreciate the awareness and flexibility of those skilled at the helm as they focus on the mechanics of operation while I tighten the straps of my life vest. There is beauty in this ballet at sea as the wind is indeed the “engine” moving the boat along in concert with the sailor who engages it. On board everyone is involved in some manner by taking direction, shifting position or moving out of the way. Sometimes it is a speedy ride and other times it can be a struggle to get anywhere. Sometimes there is no wind at all and you are left floating in the middle of the river.

• What do you do when you are forced to slow down? • Frantically seek a fix? • What do you do when faced with an unexpected change? • Dig in deeper or step back to refocus?

We are all experienced “sailors” in some fashion, perhaps not on water exactly, but in life’s situations. We cannot always control what happens. What we do have control over is how we respond. Experience teaches us that some things are salvageable and sometimes from the very worst chaos, from the least likely place, opportunity is revealed.

• What might you be missing? • Which way is the wind really blowing? • Who can you bring on board to create a solution? • What if you did nothing?

©2013 Maureen Weisner

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