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Give a Work Presentation

The best way to avoid having your ideas met with blank stares and stifled yawns is to schedule your presentations on Tuesdays, around 10:30 AM. According to Andrew Bradbury, author of Successful Presentation Skills, “In the midmorning, early birds are still going strong and the night owls are getting into the stride of their day, meaning everyone in the audience should be energized and receptive.” Furthermore, in a recent survey commissioned by the staffing agency Accountemps, Tuesday was found to be the most effective day to show off Powerpoint skills. I can hear the groans already but when strong visual are called for, it does not mean that “death” by Powerpoint will follow. People are in the full swing of their workweek and not yet distracted by the upcoming weekend. And, with a Tuesday presentation, if follow-up is necessary, there is still a cushion of three more workdays. Given that you managed all else, to ensure the most receptive audience, timing really is everything after all. Remember to smile. The audience is on your side, they want you to be successful.

Consider both personal and professional circumstances where timing strategically made a difference. • Did you notice the receptiveness of your audience? • How will you factor time and day into future presentations? • Schedule something ASAP based on these suggestions • Compare a Tuesday AM meeting to another day and time

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