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Listen to those Whispers!

Opportunity does not live in a vacuum. It is everywhere, provided we are looking, noticing, listening, but most of all, open, open to possibility. There are messages to be heard, relationships to be developed and different paths to be followed. Yes, they do exist and sometimes go unnoticed for years. Many of us expect the chance opening or the big break to also appear in neon lights; gift wrapped so conspicuously that it is recognizable from an aerial view. On the contrary, whispers can be like a gentle breeze or a slight tap on the shoulder, a nudge, a poke or a loving kiss.

“If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.” – Buddha

Sometimes, the whisper can appear with such consistency that we still ignore it even when the tone rises to a SHOUT!  Amid the life disruptions we are all adapting to now, how can you sort out which voices to attend to? More change may feel like a burden more than an opportunity.

Unplanned and radical adjustment in our lives is here for an undetermined time. From the very real economic impact on employment, socializing, travel, dining and communicating to the fallout from multiple limitations, there is also opportunity. Have you been told you have a unique voice, host memorable events, are fluent in foreign language, prepare beautiful desserts or capture a moment in time photographically? Are you anxious to lead a team?  Do you see yourself with a larger role in your workplace or are you entrepreneurial, waiting to identify a market, a product, a partner?

Yes, the pandemic makes the job of finding a new job even more stressful. But the good news is that this is also the perfect time to build your network and do your research. The work-from-home experience has created a captive audience for networking. People aren’t traveling for business, attending conferences or corporate events. As a result, you’re far more likely to find them available for a quick call or e-mail inquiry. What’s the risk? You may find a very receptive audience on the other end.

“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

More change happens in times of crisis, whether by design or default. It’s your choice to take advantage of your potential and listen to the whispers, and why not now!  However comfortable you assumed you were with choice and change, it may morph into overwhelming anxiety that was never anticipated. This makes it the ideal time to engage the support of a career coach with experience in helping professionals achieve better, faster, results. At KICKSTART Your Transition we offer a broad range of services to fit your needs


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