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Magically Finding Time

Procrastination may be the thief of time, yet the upside for many people is that they accomplish SO much in avoiding the primary task. I know that I can be highly efficient in a short period when I am doing my very best to dodge an action that may be as simple as making a phone call. “Just do it!” is the mantra of relief after you’ve, “Just done it!” and of course, the recriminations that often follow. “That wasn’t so difficult, why did I make such a big deal about calling ___? Thinking about it took up so much of my time. I’m sure I won’t let that happen again.” Ah, yes or is it simply a matter of wishful thinking?

Is there a learning curve? Will a positive result after making the dreaded phone call or having the difficult conversation ensue? It depends on what the real payoff is in procrastinating or is it just a matter of not managing your time efficiently?

Begin keeping a log of how you are spending your precious time. Use a desk top style calendar and colored markers to track your daily activities. We know that people who record their food intake daily in a food diary are far more successful in losing weight than those who guess at the same. Seeing is believing and with 24 hours in each day, your goal is not to simply use up the hours, but with a calendar, you have a strong visual record of how the hours were spent.

Look at the downtime you really have. Is it 2 or 10 hours weekly? What have you been missing out on? Is it only a dream to learn a new language, read more novels, take up a new sport or pursue a hobby? Only you know what’s missing and what you are willing to discover about your “time habits”. When you turn your attention to something that you want to do, time will no longer disappear. In fact, you may sense that you have discovered something entirely new and actually expanded the minutes in a day to accommodate your newfound interest.


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