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Making New Year’s Resolutions

If you are contemplating setting a New Year’s resolution, here is an alternative. This year, go for your dreams!

• Do you dream of doing less and having more? • Do you want to be more successful and less stressed? • Do you want to be healthier or in better shape? • Do you want more quality time with family and friends? • What about a new job, more passion, more money and more FUN?

Dreams like these have a far better chance of survival than resolutions which are based on what you don’t want. Why? Your dreams and desires have more power than your doubts and dislikes.

There is a very different energy and joy when you are moving toward your dreams rather than when you are trying to “fix” something. For example, if your dream is to look and feel good, this energy is quite different than that applied to the drudgery of getting rid of weight by diet and exercise. In other words, developing a healthier and more powerful body will be easier than losing weight. Similarly, building a successful business is more exciting than getting rid of debt.

• Writing things down is more weighty than holding the ideas in your head • Make a broad list • Narrow it down to 3-5 goals that are really important to you • Choose one to start!


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