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More Effective Networking Strategies

Reach out to a friend you may have lost touch with. It’s a good opportunity to get current and perhaps be of assistance to that person. Refreshing an old relationship is far easier that starting anew with a stranger.

Use technology to expand your networks. Ms. Sinberg suggests using multiple resources for peer to peer information like, an iPhone and Android app to connect your LinkedIn account with GPS. This allows you to see professionals of similar seniority who are nearby and open to meeting. If that feels uncomfortable, work on your LinkedIn connections 15-minutes daily to get started. Always personalize your invitations.

Attend events where your peers are unlikely to be. If you’re in healthcare, attend a program for financial executives. You will may learn something new and meet people beyond your typical network. Be prepared with a “commercial” about why you are there. Something short with a twist is memorable as well as demonstrating an interest in seeing how financials is a good for healthcare.

Volunteer within your company and beyond. Be curious. Exposure to different people will move you out of your familiar network and on to connecting with new faces and places with potential


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