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Another day and you are feeling stuck, personally and professionally. Aren’t you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? You know that a different approach would be helpful, yet you feel you should have the answers that everyone else seems to have for themselves. Believe me, very few people do and a new approach can help you crack the code that is yours and think out of the box. Let’s change it up!  The easiest way to escape from circular thinking patterns is to introduce something new.  Reframe your questions and begin again with the cheat sheet below.

What topics do you enjoy helping others with? ________________________________________________________________

What topics do friends, co-workers, managers, or family members call on you for help with? ________________________________________________________________

What subjects make you want to share what you know with strangers, peers, and acquaintances? ________________________________________________________________

What problems make you want to discover a better way of doing something? ________________________________________________________________

What topics are you drawn to find out more about? ________________________________________________________________

What are your favorite books and/or movies? ________________________________________________________________

What subjects are represented by the books on your bookshelves? ________________________________________________________________

What did you always want to be when you grew up? ________________________________________________________________

What subjects fascinated you as a child? ________________________________________________________________

What life experiences or life-changing events make you want to share what you’ve learned with others? ________________________________________________________________

What process or set of steps do you do regardless of the topic or task at hand? ________________________________________________________________

What tools, equipment, or raw material do you like to use in your work? ________________________________________________________________

What characteristics describe your favorite clients or customers? (Age, gender, belief system, cultural/ethnic background, life stage, education level, income level, problem or life situations, shared interest, lifestyle, particular talent, etc.) _______________________________________________________ © 2014 Maureen Weisner

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