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Personality Flaw?

So much has been written about what is “wrong” with us and how we can fix it. Well, the world is not so black and white, rather it’s more a shade of gray; not to be confused with the dubiously popularized novel. However, there are patterns that we may tend to follow that do not always serve us in the best way. According to Caroline Myss, author of Archetypes: Who Are You? Is it the key to finding out how you operate or how deeply you understand yourself and those in your world? Three of her categories may resonate for some of us and how we can turn the negative around to counteract these perceived flaws.

The Saboteur: If you are the classic underachiever, failing to live up to your potential, you may grow resentful and “sink your own ship by blaming others and self-victimizing. What if setbacks were actually growth opportunities and rather than setting yourself up for failure, you were taking responsibility for your own actions?

The Rescuer: Do you get a rush of satisfaction from “saving” others? You may thrive on this behavior of making people need you and then feeling angry and unloved when they aren’t appreciative enough? When you can step back and understand this, ask yourself. “Is this a healthy relationship and/or what does one really look like?” Take stock even if it’s painful to do so.

The Princess and Knight: Some women dream of a Knight in Shining Armor who will slay the dragon, swim the moat and rescue them from a terrible fate. The reality is that there is not a AAA truck waiting for your most current predicament to manifest itself. The person you need to rely on for the rescue is yourself. Devolving the myth and the shattered illusion is the antidote. Resist the urge to blame the other person and give up those fairy-tale expectations.

These are only 3 of the universal types that can be found in different iterations in other cultures. Identifying how you have chosen to examine your personally expanded knowledge of what makes you tick is a journey unto itself. Be kind to yourself and take it one “flaw” at a time.

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