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The Conga-Line of Fears

At a wedding recently that was great fun, many of us were out on the dance floor when a conga-line formed. It’s an easy way to bring the table huggers into the celebration and it’s just natural to grab the person in front and beckon for others to join. The line grows and the music continues as the first person dances towards the last in an attempt to link-up. Between the rhythm of the music and the pace of the dancers, it’s rarely a neat image and yet the energy persists as an inclusive enticement for everyone to participate.

So, what does this decidedly happy activity have to do with fears? The most obvious connection is to the person who might be self-conscious about their dancing skills and is otherwise hesitant to join in. And, if fear is the enemy of self-confidence, what are the 5 most common fears and what do they have to do with a conga-line?

Fear of the unknown, failure, commitment, disapproval and/or success

Any of these can apply to a public “performance” and then observe how we ably piggy-back one fear onto another.

• What will happen if I don’t know the tune? I will look foolish and people will think less of me. • I will look clumsy and my poor dancing skills will be revealed. • If I look too good, someone might ask me to dance, and then what?

The human condition often gets us unnecessarily wrapped up in knots. Too often, we over-think, self judge harshly and miss out on opportunities. The next time you feel the fears multiplying, grabbing the next one in line and holding you back, think conga-line. A quick hip thrust or shoulder shrug will surely dislodge the offending thought, (or person), and send it swiftly to the rear.


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