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Tips for Video Interview Preparation

If you’ve been active in the job market, phone interviews are generally the preliminary form of contact before moving forward with a candidate. And given our current circumstances, in-person meetings may well become a thing of the past. Team members can be located anywhere and the convenience and reduced costs favor remote engagements. Preparation for any job interview would be the same with respect to researching the organization and updating your LinkedIn pages and head shot. Your LI profile and resume need to be congruent. Key words should match the job description.

A job interview is neither an interrogation nor a time for confession. Expect it to be conversational but maintain your professional demeanor and thoughtful responses. Remember, the interviewer is tasked with determining if you are a good fit and able to move on in their hiring process. You may be stymied by some questions. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask for clarification or to take a minute to recover and reset. As always, it’s far better to pause than to rush ahead of yourself. Breathe, smile and appear to be thoughtful. Avoid lengthy, convoluted responses. Think in terms of “expanded” bullets when answering.

Initial preparation:

  1. Who do you know at the company? Second or even third tier connections can be of great help

  2. Work your network; ask for introductions

  3. What have you been doing that you are excited about?

  4. Practice interviewing with a partner

  5. Practice interviewing with a mirror

  6. Practice smiling so it’s natural and not a grimace

  7. Record yourself and really LISTEN for variety in tone and avoid finishing any answer as a question.

  8. Having done your research in advance, be curious and prepared with questions about the company

  9. Demonstrate that you are aware of the latest/greatest industry trends

  10. Offer suggestions for complementary products, tech, etc.

  11. Have a copy of your resume in front of you for easy referencing

  12. Fully charge all electronics

Prepare your space for video:

  1. Survey your space critically

  2. Be aware of what’s behind you and will appear on screen. Nothing messy, political or visually distracting

  3. Check the camera, audio and lighting

  4. NO interruptions from pets, children, deliveries, etc. Quiet space only!

  5. Eat something light.

  6. Are you camera ready? Hair, teeth, attire (top & bottom)?

  7. Depending on the length of time, ask for breaks. 45-minutes is reasonable for a chance to regroup and freshen up.

  8. Have water and/or an energy bar available off screen for a quick refueling. It’s not mealtime.

  9. If this is strictly a phone interview, I suggest that candidates stand. It’s a more powerful position and avoids a chair slump that encourages shallow breathing and a higher vocal pitch.

It’s your time to shine. The more you interview, the more comfortable you will be with the format and flow. Embracing the process is to your advantage and remote work positions either full or mixed time will be the future in many industries.

However comfortable you assumed you were with interviewing, working with a coach in advance is strategic. Preparation is key and this is the ideal time to engage the support of a career coach with experience in helping professionals achieve better, faster, results. At KICKSTART Your Transition we offer a broad range of services to fit your needs. We offer flexible appointment times and targeted packages.


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