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Tips to Explore Your Passion, Purpose and Vision

Let’s frame the following as a personal Soul Search. Grab a journal, notebook or tablet and carve out some solitary time for yourself to ponder the following questions. As you do, write down whatever comes to you. This is an opportunity to be free from over thinking or having the “right” answers.

  1. What are you passionate about? What turns your energy on or off? What are you attracted to?

  2. What do you believe in? What are your strongest held beliefs? What will you DO about your beliefs?

These are not casually constructed questions, and they are posed as an initial step to invite more curiosity about YOU. Big questions like these deserve attention and exploration.

More than just knowing, what are you doing about your mission? It is not enough to identify your values or aspirations. What must you learn to make a change and live your purpose?

  1. Take a class

  2. Learn a new skill

  3. Volunteer your time; be of service to others

  4. Stand up and speak out for what you believe in

Defining and identifying your passion, purpose and vision is exciting. It takes time to focus, reflect, concentrate and contemplate on one’s self in such an intimate way.

Set aside an hour each day or chunk specific time like a weekend away dedicated to the gift of self-exploration. These are not easy questions to answer and time for introspection is essential to tap into your true desires.

  1. What do you want to be remembered for?

  2. What is your legacy?

Write a description of how your life would look if it turned out exactly as you hoped it would.

  1. Describe where you see yourself in 5 years.

  2. When you are living on purpose, rather than hit or miss, you know that your life and career count for something.

And, however comfortable you assumed you were with change, you may experience unexpected pushback, making this the ideal time to engage the support of a career coach with experience in helping professionals achieve better, faster, results. At KICKSTART Your Transition we offer a broad range of services customized to fit your needs.


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