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Whose Suitcase Is It Really?

A woman is standing on a riverbank holding a large stone in her hands. She is observed stepping confidently into the water as a small crowd begins to gather. They watch as the water reaches her chest and she begins to swim towards the opposite shore. Soon enough her struggle becomes apparent. She takes several strokes and sinks below. As she surfaces, the crowd yells, “Drop the rock, drop the rock,” yet she continues, making little progress. Again the crowd implores her to drop the rock. She ignores their shouts and as she reaches the middle of the river, it is obvious she will drown if she does not release her stranglehold on the stone. “Drop the rock,” they yell and as she goes under for the last time, her final words echo in the air, “I can’t. It’s mine!”

A shocking scenario, perhaps, but what relevance does it have for you? What is it about the life and career challenges women face that make us carry everyone else’s “stuff” when our own is more than enough? How many times have you picked up the suitcase that does not belong to you and made it part of your own unmatched set? When have you become the caretaker of that cute little valise, even temporarily, when you know full well it is NOT yours?

Now let’s fully focus on you. Will your suitcase fit in the overhead compartment or is it so heavy and unwieldy that it must be shipped as excess cargo? Are the zippers bulging or can you wheel it along with one finger? How lightly do you prefer to travel?

Start unpacking immediately. The load is not getting any lighter sitting there. Your challenge is to remove something from that suitcase each day until you can make it through airport security stress free and with the knowledge that when you pack for yourself, you are also sending the message that everyone else can too.

Here are two simple strategies to support your new outlook: 1. Always check the luggage tags to be certain that suitcase belongs to YOU 2. Take swimming lessons!

©2016 Maureen Weisner

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