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“Winning” IS Fundamental

“Bear” Bryant said that members of a winning team needed 5 things:

1.  Tell me what you expect from me 2.  Give me an opportunity to perform 3.  Let me know how I’m doing 4.  Give me guidance when I need it 5.  Reward me according to my contributions

These 5 points transcend gender or over-used sports analogies. Winners from the basement to the boardroom need straight information. Sometimes a formula that seems too simple is ignored. However, when we communicate objectives clearly and simplify the points, everyone is more likely to be on the same page. From small to larger teams, setting consistent expectations and goals is foundational to successful outcomes.

• How clear are you when communicating directives? • Are your expectations realistic with opportunity to reach beyond? • Do you offer specific, targeted feedback to your team? • As a team member, how do you ask for feedback?


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