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10 Additional Time Saving Tips

If you implement even just a few of the time saving tips listed below, you will begin to notice a difference in your workday and your productivity. Even better, you may notice that you have a little more free time.

1. Keep an Organized Workspace Don’t spend hours rifling through your desk looking for a particular document when you could just implement a filing system and find it in seconds.

2. Back Up Your Files Create backups of all your important files in case of a computer meltdown. Consider an online service for this purpose.

3. Utilize Shortcuts Use keyboard and browser shortcuts and keep all your commonly used programs in an easily accessible location.

4. Automate Expenses Make use of automatic bill pay services whenever possible to avoid late payments and time spent actually paying bills each month.

5. Just Say “No” Don’t take on tasks just because someone asks you to. If you don’t have the time and it won’t help your business, don’t do it.

6. Make the Most of Down Time Time spent in waiting rooms, on the subway or even on long elevator rides could be used to update your calendar, write notes or accomplish other simple tasks.

7. Clean Up Old Files Ridding your computer of old files can not only keep you from having to wade through them while looking for more relevant files, but it can also speed up your computer and save you from a fate of endless loading pages.

8. Use Mobile Apps There are mobile productivity apps, mobile calendar apps, mobile list apps – all of which can help you accomplish tasks and save time while not in front of a computer.

9. Know Your Habits If you’re an early bird, get your most important tasks out of the way early. If you’re a night owl, don’t force yourself to turn in big projects in the morning. Play to your strengths.

10. Don’t Over-Schedule You might be overly optimistic in the morning about how much you can get done that day. But creating a too-full list is only going to overwhelm you later in the day.


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