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7 Mascaras and Counting

Right now I have a drawer filled with mascara tubes; at least seven and counting. Some are duplicates and range from moderately used to brand new and still in the package. They have found their way to the makeup drawer from CVS or Bloomingdale’s and everything in between. I am not on the hunt for the perfect product that promises to be waterproof or lengthening or lash thickening. No, honestly I had forgotten about the six previous purchases entirely. Mascara, as with most makeup, holds the promise of fun, adventure and different. It’s something that always “fits” and can also fall into the “necessary” vs. “frivolous” category; satisfying with little risk or financial cost.What an instant mood lifter… or is this seemingly unnecessary purchase an example of a thoughtless act? If only I had an image of what I already owned and armed with that visual, torn myself away from the makeup counter. What did I need vs. what was I responding to? Had I been suckered in by the lights and glamour of the aisles? Was I just another shopper transfixed by desire vs. need? Does it require such an in-depth analysis? I think not, in fact, all it requires is a magnifying mirror and a steady hand.

• What is your low cost way to have fun? • When do you over-analyze your actions? • How does this diminish the pleasure? • Whose permission do you need?

©2016 Maureen Weisner

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