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Before You Hit Send...

Rapid communication. Quick responses. Information overload. High expectations.

Short-term memory acts as a kind of “scratch-pad” for temporary recall of the information which is being processed at any point in time, and has been referred to as the brain's “Post-it” note. It can be thought of as the ability to remember and process information at the same time. It holds a small amount, typically around 7 items or less, in an active, readily-available state for a short period of time and starts to empty out in 10-15 seconds!

So, when my daughter responded to a text I recently sent to her with an odd question. “SOCKS?”, I paused. Annoyed at the seemingly meaningless interruption, I scrolled back to view the original message and there, plain as day was indeed, “SOCKS” with no reference to anything. I have no memory of this entry. We’ve all made typos and it is even more commonplace as we’ve become dependent on auto correct and spell-check. Some people add a caveat to messages beforehand for any future errors. Where else can you not pay attention, err, and dismiss this in advance?

Yet if we cannot retain information for very long and at the same time we are sending information, where is our attention truly focused? Are we now not really responsible for the errors prior to even making them? Is it a free pass to minimize inattention and if so, are there limits on what is excusable? And, do you want this to be your new normal?

· STOP - a quick review of text can avoid explanation after the fact

· SLOW DOWN – organize your thoughts before you type

· THINK – is this message really ready for “prime time”?

However comfortable you assumed you were with choice and change, it may morph into overwhelming anxiety that was never anticipated. This makes it the ideal time to engage the support of a certified coach with experience in helping professionals achieve better, faster, results. At KICKSTART Your Transition we offer a broad range of services to fit your needs.


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