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Increase Your Personal Value

Do you find yourself making promises to complete a task or a project and not deliver on time?

We’ve all done it, making unrealistic assurances about our ability to complete our work in the hope of satisfying others. But when we don’t meet these goals, the opposite actually occurs; disappointment, confusion or anger.

One way to make fans of your family, friends and professional associates is to enact a plan to under-promise and over-deliver. When you provide beyond the anticipated level of service, you become very attractive to those people.

The act of under-promising and over-delivering gives you a reserve of time, space, and resources, allowing for unpredictable occurrences that can set you off track. Building on this principle, you diminish stress and increase the likelihood of a better result.

When was the last time you delivered something earlier than agreed to? Did it result in a higher level of satisfaction and a possible business referral?

What is one thing you can under-promise today?


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