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Change Your Mindset…Change Your Life!

What if the only directional gear your car was equipped with was forward? You will still have control over the rate of acceleration, yet reverse will not be an option for the driver and neutral has a time limit. This would certainly impact your route planning and preparation. Would it slow down your process, or prompt faster decision making? Would it limit your choices or expand your vision? How would you adjust?

“Life is a one-way street. No matter how many detours you take, none of them leads back. Once you know and accept that, life becomes much simpler.” Isabel  Moore

Changing your mindset is not like changing your shirt. Preliminary to making a change is choosing a goal, creating a plan and committing to a course of action. Having good intentions does not get the job done and it is far too easy to lapse back into old actions that supported old behaviors. Once you set the intention, you must schedule the actions and honor the intention to incorporate change into your revised routine. Your calendar, like your road map is the tool you will use for incorporating new activities/destinations into your master plan.

Picture yourself standing at the base of a mountain, looking up and wondering how you are supposed to make it to the summit. Climbing the mountain may seem insurmountable, yet once you commit to the challenge, you commit to a shift in thinking and the knowledge that in order to accomplish this goal, you must make a plan. You hire a crew, make necessary purchases and proceed forward. What may have been an overwhelming goal, can now be broken down into doable, incremental tasks. Designing a strategy is the best defense against the potential of “analysis paralysis” and those accompanying fears.

If you are still having trouble breaking down a big goal into smaller tasks, imagine you’ve already achieved your goal. For example, visualize yourself taking photos from the top of the mountain, surrounded by your climbing team. How did you get there?

By imagining that you have already accomplished your goal, the path to success becomes crystal clear. Rather than seeing obstacles, you see results and what you previously imagined to be powerful roadblocks may even disappear. ©MWeisner2017

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