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The 10 Steps to Building a Strong Personal Foundation

1. Honor your boundaries Boundaries protect you from people that your spirit cannot easily afford.

2. Raise your standards                                                                                                     The higher your standards, the fewer problems you will experience in life.

3. Clarify your requirements Everyone in your life deserves to know what you expect/require of them.

4. Finish your unfinished business The fewer unresolved items in your life, the more confident you will feel.

5. Get your personal needs met Until your personal needs are met, it’s difficult to live powerfully and sustainably.

6. Orient around your values When you orient your life and your goals around your values, fulfillment naturally occurs.

7. Build reserves in all areas Having more than enough calms the mind and affords more experimentation in life.

8. Identify and reduce tolerations What you put up with drains your energy and slows your development

9. Handle the money, completely Until your money is handled, you are not at choice in life.

10. Define success for yourself When you define success for yourself, life becomes very, very simple.


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